Thursday, June 14, 2007

Adventures in blogging: An interesting update

In an earlier post, entitled Pope Benedict XVI on Archbishop Oscar Romero, I used an unattributed quote from the PAPA RATZINGER FORUM that proved to be of some interest. I was contacted by Eugene, a journalist currently working in El Salvador, about my source for the quote. After a misfire, trying to appease him by sending him a link to the official Vatican transcript of the news conference that took place on board the airplane taking the Holy Father to Brazil last month, I was forced to find the actual source I used as, after reading the Vatican transcript, he informed me that the part of quote in which he was interested was not contained in this "official" transcript. So, being conscientious when prodded, I probed my memory and my internet history to come up with the original source I used for my post, this led me to the aforementioned PAPA RATZINGER FORUM. Specifically, a post by Teresa Benedetta, dated 9 May 2007. This post is a translation of the transcript produced jointly by the Italian news agencies ANSA and APCOM, in which the Holy Father is quoted as saying of Archbishop Romero's cause for canonization: "I have no doubt he will be beatified".

This is how readers hold me accountable. I am usually quite conscientious in attributing because I don't want to be just another blogger trading in gossip and innuendo. So, a very special thanks to Eugene for bringing this to my attention and forcing me to track down the original source of my quote.

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