Sunday, December 10, 2006

A more functional request

"But I love this blog...I was just telling a friend over dinner that your teaching is what keeps me going back to Mass each Sunday. How could it be ego-gratification when others are learning from your teachings?I'm learning so much more about my faith because of your blog. But not only that, it has led me to other sites which have opened my eyes and mind to the teachings of the Catholic Church. It's through your blog that I found Sacred Space which I visit each day to pray. I guess I'll have to respect your decision, but must say I'm very saddened by the news."

I appreciate these words from Rachel. It is probably more strangeness on my part, but I need to be encouraged a bit from time-to-time, nothing huge, just to know that I am not writing entirely for my own benefit. I am an advocate of journaling, though I have never done it with any consistency. I enjoy writing the blog, I would be less than honest to state otherwise. I have to admit that I often feel like I am sending words into a void. I hope nobody feels like their thoughts on various matters are not worth sharing. Therefore, I'll proceed cautiously. I apologize for not finding a more functional way of expressing my doubts about continuing. I suppose I could have asked for readers to comment with feedback about the blog. So, I am doing that now. Furthermore, I would like to know who makes up this anonymous third person you, the reader.

So, what I am asking is if you read this blog with regularity, please leave a comment. Feel free to write what you want. If you need some ideas, just answer these questions:
1) Let me know you're there, who are you- without a great deal of personal detail
2) Tell me what you like about the blog
3) Tell my what you don't like about the blog, my writing, my tone. etc.
4) Most importantly, feel free to ask questions, to challenge me, to disagree

Do this with the understanding that I am who I am and this blog is a very personal endeavor for me. This does not constitute a straw poll that I will then change to accomodate, but it will give me an idea for whom I am writing, my audience. It will also give me insight to how what I write and how I write it goes over. So, the comment link is open.


  1. I'm here, Scott - I read pretty regularly and I refer people to your blog regularly as well. Keep it up - this non-denominational Christian enjoys the heck out of your blog!

  2. Dear Scott,

    I think you know how I feel, but I wanted to add my comments to the rest and tell you again how much I have benefited from reading your words on a daily basis. You always give me a lot to think about, and I've learned SO much from you. Like Rachel, I enjoy following the links you provide to other sites and references as well. I appreciate your suggestion about asking questions. One of the things I fear is that anything I might say as a response might come off as simply cheerleading - and you deserve more than that. I often suffer from an inability to express very well, especially in written word. But I think I can take you up on the question part,... that is if I can get your blog to load correctly on my computer. It has been coming up to *Nov 23rd* every time I visit lately. I had to "search this blog" to get to the postings for today. Wonder if anyone else is having the same problem?