Tuesday, October 17, 2006

More Signs of Hope:Religion & Politics in Tap on San Francisco

Wow! It has been a busier than intended blogging day. I think I'll give it a rest after tonight for a day or two. But I just had to provide this link to Archbishop Niederauer's recent Theology & Politics on Tap, in a San Francisco Irish Pub no less. For me, next to a magnificently celebrated liturgy, that is the closest to heaven I could ever get, especially with the Archbishop leading the discussion. Watching this clip was bittersweet because it made me miss him. Nonetheless, I am so grateful that this is the man who laid his hands on my head and ordained me a deacon. At least he is still Salt Lake City's metropolitan archbishop.

So, with no further adieu, Archbishop George Niederauer. Grab a beer and enjoy! An Irishman can easily get in two beers while watching. It's part of having the requisite Celtic spirit.

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