Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Speaking of societal consequences . . .

It is not difficult to discern many of the reasons for Europe's demographic meltdown. The BBC provides a news story that gives us an anecdotal insight into the attitudes underlying the thanatos syndrome afflicting the continent and resulting in cultural/civilizational suicide. The UMP, France's conservative party no-less, is currently running a two month PR campaign in an attempt to drum up support for the party in advance of next year's presidential election. Part of the campaign is to handout condoms, among other things, to the beach-goers of France this summer.

UMP party activists, according the BBC report, have been handing out "leaflets, T-shirts and headrests to sunbathers on France's beaches for several weeks now." But, say party activists, it is the "condoms with the party's logo and flip-flops that leave a UMP footprint have proved to be an instant hit with sunbathers". The UMP, an acronym for Union pour un Mouvement Populaire is the party of French Interior Minister, Nicholas Sarkozy, who hopes to win election as France's president in next May's presidential race. Just think of the possible protests. One in particular comes to mind. Can you guess what it is? Comment lines are open, but still moderated.

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