Thursday, August 10, 2006

Keep Praying for the Peace of Jerusalem

From an observant Jewish friend of mine, Shmuel Kuper, who lives in Haifa:

"It's some three weeks now that I skip my daily hour walk. So, last Friday decided to take one. My usuall walk I take in a road with a view to the bay and the Galilee. It being a road with no houses on its side renders it unfit to walk in a time when one has to be all the time close to a shelter. So, I walked last Friday in residential streets, climbing up the Carmel mountain.
The routine is thus. With every step I observe the closest staircase, see if it's not locked with a door and estimate the distance from it to the next available. The goal is to be in any given time as possible as is, to a staircase within 30 seconds of reach, when the siren starts howling."

Psalm 122, 6-9

For the peace of Jerusalem pray: "May those who love you prosper!

May peace be within your ramparts, prosperity within your towers."

For family and friends I say, "May peace be yours."

For the house of the LORD, our God, I pray, "May blessings be yours."

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  1. Scott, what a poignant letter. Thank you for sharing it.