Friday, August 31, 2018

"She bought a clock on Hollywood Boulevard the day she left"

A month ago I went to a concert here in Salt Lake City. Three bands played, The Fixx, X, and Psychedelic Furs respectively. Friday the week of the concert (3 August) "Stand or Fall" by The Fixx was our traditio (see "State your peace tonight"). It was my intention over the following two weeks to use a song from X and then one from the Furs as our Friday traditiot (correct plural nominative). Well, my friend and brother deacon died and then all hell, quite literally, broke loose. Oh, and that great musical gem, Aretha Franklin, also went to the Lord.

X- John Doe and Exene Cervenka- not DJ Bonebreak on drums- he was playing another instrument to Doe's right- 31 July in Salt Lake City, UT

"Los Angeles" by X is our traditio for this last Friday in August, not merely to get back on track but because it seems fitting. It's a song about fear and suspicion. It is about a divided world in which people are at odds with each other. Of course, this is a fitting description of the Church and the world these daze. I am firmly convinced that we are in dire need of a punk rock revival.

It was a great privilege to see X live.

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