Thursday, June 2, 2016

"And who can say they've never stumbled"

This artists for this week's traditio need to no introduction. Together they're known as The Highwaymen. "Everybody Gets Crazy Now and Then" isn't a terribly complex song. It's one from the heart.

As the late Rich Mullins sang, "We're Not As Strong As We Think We Are."

Msgr. Giussani observed, “The more we discover our needs, the more we become aware that we cannot resolve them on our own. Nor can others, people like us. A sense of powerlessness accompanies every serious experience in our lives."

I take comfort in the fact that as I grew older I am never less alone than when I am alone. It's good to have friends, to have people who love you and care for you. Cherish those people because, frankly, you won't meet too many.


  1. Scott, this theme of needs and not being able to resolve them has been sticking to me for the last two days. My spiritual director said something that really struck home. Referring to "The Widow's Mite," he pointed out what Jesus says in response to her tiny but generous gift: "she out of her poverty has contributed all." Or in other words, she gave from her need. So these needs we

  2. It's a matter of experience. I know I cannot resolve, or meet, my own needs. Other people cannot either and it is unfair to expect them to. How then can my need be met? I'll go with Giussani yet again: "The real protagonist of history is the beggar: Christ who begs for man's heart, and man's heart that begs for Christ."

    Companions are those with whom we share bread - fellow beggars.


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