Saturday, November 2, 2013

"beams of thy light and heavenly comfort"

Today is the Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed, or All Souls. The entire month of November we remember and pray for our beloved dead more attentively and intentionally, especially the souls in purgatory. I can think of nothing more fitting for this day than the short film The Coffinmaker, by Dan McComb. It's 3 minutes and 40 seconds long (3 minutes and 18 seconds if you don't watch the credits).

"I think one of the most important aspects of the coffin is that it can be carried. I think we're meant to carry each other..."

A beautiful collect from the 1929 Scottish Book of Common Prayer:
O Eternal Lord God, who holdest all souls in life: We beseech thee to shed forth upon all the faithful departed the bright beams of thy light and heavenly comfort; and grant that they, and we with them, may at length attain to the joys of thine eternal kingdom; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

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