Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Deacons are among the new evangelists

John Allen, the intrepid Rome correspondent for the National Catholic Reporter, noted that at the Synod on the New Evangelization currently being held in Rome the role of deacons has not even been broached in any of the interventions. In light of today's anniversary, here is what Bl. Pope John Paul II said about deacons and the New Evangelization, in a speech he gave during the Jubilee Year in 2000, which Allen mentioned in his post:

"Dear deacons, be active apostles of the new evangelization. Lead everyone to Christ! Through your efforts, may his kingdom also spread in your family, in your workplace, in the parish, in the Diocese, in the whole world!

St. Laurence, deacon

"This mission, at least in intention and zeal, must stir the hearts of sacred ministers and spur them to the total gift of themselves. Let nothing stop you, but persevere in fidelity to Christ, following the example of the deacon Laurence whose revered and celebrated relic you have wished to bring here for this occasion.

"In our times too there are people whom God calls to the martyrdom of blood; far more numerous, however, are those believers who must endure the 'martyrdom' of misunderstanding. Do not be upset by problems and conflicts but, on the contrary, have ever greater trust in Jesus who redeemed humanity through the martyrdom of the Cross."

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