Tuesday, April 3, 2012

"We possess within us a yearning for the infinite"

Scuppers, Giussani, Odysseus, "Generative Thought, page 82, Spiritual Exercises


  1. Beautiful image - brought a much needed lift and a smile today.

    Blessings for Holy Week and may all the graces and peace and love of the Risen Lord be with you and yours this Easter, Scott.

  2. So how do you feel about the Magic Dodgers??

    I am THRILLED! Maybe now we'll get the Hall of Famers built at the Park.

    I wanted to thank you once more for your words, your time and for sharing.

    Though not a big deal, I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award.

    Because I Admire and Respect you!

    You are in position 13 for a Reason. It is a Number that I associate, as many, with Great Hope and Faith...

    God Love You and Thanks again!!

  3. Children's stories and fables are a window into the wonder of the human heart. Happy sailing, Scuppers!

  4. Thank you dear friends. Peace with you all as we prepare to enter...

  5. BTW, I think Magic owning the Dodgers is kind of cool. Maybe now all Dodgers fans can get back to simply enjoying baseball. It should be a good season.


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