Friday, June 11, 2010

Hierarchy update

It was announced today that Bishop William Patrick Callhan, O.F.M. Conv., who was serving as an auxiliary bishop in Milwaukee, is the new bishop of LaCrosse, Wisconsin. His Excellency, a Francisan friar, was ordained a bishop in 2007. He turns 60 next week.

The appointment of Bishop Callhan to LaCrosse leaves 3 vacancies in Latin Rite dioceses in the U.S.: Harrisburg, PA; Orlando, FL; San Antonio, TX.

Five ordinaries are serving past the age at which they are required to submit their resignations to the Holy Father: Justin Cardinal Rigali, archbishop of Philadelphia, along with Archbishops Brunett and Beltran of Seattle and Oklahoma City respectively, and Bishops Skylstad of Spokane, WA and Boland of Savannah, GA.

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