Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wither Israel? II

Avigdor Lieberman, leader of the far right, yet very secular, Yisrael Beitneu party, has cast his lot with Binyamin Netanyahu and Likud. This puts Likud in the driver's seat to form the next government of Israel. Kadima, having won the popular vote and the most seats of any single party in the Knesset, has stated unequivocally that they will not participate in any coalition in which their leader, Tzipi Livni, is not is not Prime Minister.

Likud and Yisrael Beitneu together have 42 seats, 19 short of the 61 needed for a coalition. I suppose if there is good news, the orthodox Sephardic party, known as Shas, wants nothing to do with Yisrael Beitneu. There is no word on any potential Kadima coalition, which would likely need both Labor and Shas on board to form a government. The key to lasting peace in the Middle East is resolving the Israel/Palestinian issue. None of these developments bode well for moving forward.


  1. Scott, thank you for highlighting this important development in Israeli-Palestinian politics. The situation over there is dire, and this certainly is not going to help any. The human rights violations that are occurring over there are atrocious; I just don't understand how we, as a country, can turn a blind eye. Every little bit of light shed on the situation (such as this post) helps! Thank you! (Having been there so many times, this is clearly an issue that is close to my heart.)

  2. While I have posted more on Israeli side of things, Israel is certainly not blameless, either of human rights abuses, or in the arena of adhering to agreements negotiated in good faith. I really wish that the Palestinians could unite behind the PA and begin engage Israel constructively. The Palestinians are, without a doubt, people who have been dealt a grave injustice.

    This is always a matter of prayer for me. It is also easy forget that among the Palestinians are Christian sisters and brothers. I shudder to think what a Likud/Yisrael Beitneu coalition will bring.