Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hierarchy update

It was announced some time ago by Cardinal Mahony himself that he would receive a co-adjutor this year, thus allowing him to retire next year when he turns 75. Today the Holy Father announced that His Excellency Archbishop José Horacio Gómez, who currently serves as archbishop of San Antonio, will be that co-adjutor. A co-adjutor bishop is something of an auxiliary bishop, but with the right of succession.

Archbishop Gómez is a priest of the prelature of Opus Dei. Prior to being named archbishop of San Antonio, he was an auxiliary bishop in the archdiocese of Denver. His Excellency, a native of Mexico, is 58 years old. I do not like to editorialize about episcopal appointments. So, suffice it to say that by naming Archbishop Gomez as the next archbishop of Los Angeles, the Holy Father is steering Los Angeles in a more traditional direction.

Cardinal Mahony turns 75 next February. With his successor now named and soon to be in place, expect his resignation, which has to be submitted to the Holy Father on his birthday, to be quickly accepted.

With Archbishop Gómez's appointment to Los Angeles there are now four vacant Latin Rite dioceses in the United States: Harrisburg, PA; LaCrosse, WI; Springfied in Illnois; San Antonio, TX.

Additionally, there are three prelates serving past 75 with two more turning 75 later this month.

Christos Anesti

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