Thursday, April 29, 2010

Christ "creates within us a capacity to desire"

"Christian hope creates within us a capacity to desire and to receive what by ourselves we would be unable to desire, receive, or even to recognize. Before we recognized the unheard of gratuity of faith, the interior life of grace was often for us simply the most precious part of our own life, a part 'set apart,' and in a certain sense autonomous.

"The contact with Communists and with atheists in general, shows us that the place of God's gift is the whole of what we are and nowhere else, that our whole being must become the living soil for his mysterious seed. We begin to discover that the interior life is internal to a life and, to the constant breathing of this life. We breathe in order to live. There is no particular age or hour for breathing. We don't quit breathing so that we can work" (Madeleine Delbrêl We, the Ordinary People of the Streets, pg. 225).

Christos Anesti

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