Monday, December 3, 2007

Sometimes it isn't smoke and mirrors

Brad Pitt with Lower Ninth Ward resident Robert Green-
picture from NPR

For those, like myself, who frequently make fun of what Kerry Jackson, of X96's Radio from Hell, calls celebutards, it is diffilcult to admit that our deep-seated skepticism is sometimes shown for the sham that it sometimes is. In other words, it is all too easy, in a jaded and fallen world, to become completely jaded. On this note, I want to draw some attention to Brad Pitt, who, despite being a pretty boy, is a very fine actor. I am reminded of this inconvenient fact every time I watch one of his films. Unlike many so-called actors of his generation, Pitt is a consummate actor. Of course, we all love Fight Club, but for my money Pitt turns in no better performance than his role in Guy Richie's (Madonna's hubbie) film Snatch, in which he plays the unforegttable tough, Mickey O'Neil. Richie is also responsible for the film gem Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels.

What I particularly want to draw attention to is Pitt's New Orleans endeavor. He and Angela Jolie, along with their assorted children, moved to 'Nawlins a year or so ago to show solidarity with those who were abandoned in so many ways after Hurricane Katrina. His interview on this evening's All Things Considered with NPR's Melissa Block is well worth listening to, not to mention inspiring.

While I am on Things Contemporary, Todd Nuke 'Em's hair is pink. I also want to publicly thank KRAD for providing me with the comprehensive Joy Division library. Thanks, man! I owe you, maybe a movie and beer at Brewvies, where ten years ago we would sometimes hold RCIA. Hey, it was a young group, mostly U students, we met in the pub and talked theology with garlic burgers, which helped to determine commitment. It was around the time the lovely film Antonia's Line was released in this country.


  1. In all things, moderation - but particularly when that thing is Joy Division.

  2. We do get jaded. There is a lot of the behind the scenes volunteerism and philanthropy with many celebrities.

    I think the most telling thing about celebrity-ism are the numerous accounts of people meeting celebrities and exclaiming that "they weren't anything like they expected!"

    We think we know people merely by what is shown to us in the media. Even worse when we get to "know" someone via paparazzi type media. And sometimes people even confuse an acting role with the actor/actress.

    And, we tend to prey on people's weaknesses, as a form of entertainment. I for one am glad that my mistakes aren't covered on CNN as "news". Yikes!

    And when are we going to move RCIA to Brewvies?

  3. David, indeed. I've been driving slower and having '80s flashbacks. So, watch out for Black Suzuki Esteem stationwagons!

    I'd love to do Brewvies, especially if I had more time presently. It sucks to have to work. Back then, when I worked at the Cathedral full-time, we had a group of grad students who were converting and/or preparing for Confirmation via RCIA. It was interesting stuff. They were all science people, biologists, chemists, etc. Even though I couldn't make last Thursday, don't give up on me.



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