Friday, January 9, 2015

"Whate'er the cost I’ll bear the cross"

Even with everything going on in the world, I am ushering in the New Year by letting things lie fallow. Plus, I've started 2015 with the flu, which turned into some serious sinus issues, all of which has left me feeling pretty tired and overwhelmed. In other words, things don't stop when you are ill and wait for you to get better, but such is life! I am blessed and not complaining.

Towards the end of my illness last Saturday, I discovered cartoonist Kevin James' "The Oboe Blog: For Anyone Who Still Remembers." I am happy to say that I am someone who remembers Oboe, Claymore, Eugene, Gloria, Alice, Apoplexy, Margo, Bill, Tuber and the band, Pastor Neil, et al. "Oboe Jones" was published in the magazine of Jesus People USA, Cornerstone. Here's the strip that perhaps best describes my existence lately, "The 6 o'clock Snooze." All of this produces in me a longing for discipleship, for community, for life, which, at least in my view, means it is good.

Reading through "Oboe Jones" this past week also had the benefit of reminding me of a lot of the really fantastic artists who currently or formerly recorded with JPUSA's Grrr Records, like The Crossing, whose song "The Stirrup Cup," is our Friday traditio:

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