Friday, November 7, 2014

I know He holds my life, my future, in His hand"

I'm afraid that my fervent blogging in October left me a bit exhausted. Well, it's November now, the month we pray in an especially fervent manner for the souls in Purgatory. We cannot ever lose sight of the reason we do this. This reason is summed up well by St Paul in his First Letter to the Corinthians: "If for this life only we have hoped in Christ, we are the most pitiable people of all" (15:19).

The Resurrection of Christ, the right wing of Matthias Grünewald's Isenheim Altarpiece

Keeping it simple and spare, our traditio for this first Friday in November is Matt Maher's new song "Because He Lives." It is the answer to the question, "Why do you we pray for the souls in Purgatory?"

Because He lives
I can face tomorrow
Because he lives
every fear is gone
I know he holds my life, my future in His hand

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