Friday, April 5, 2013

"The Sound of Sinners": sweet to the ears of Jesus

Beginning last Friday, which was Good Friday, I started the annual novena of Divine Mercy. My hymn for my daily devotion is The Clash's The Sound of Sinners. During one live performance of this song, in Wichita Fall, Texas, back in May 1983, the late and still badly missed Joe Strummer prefaced the band's performance of this song with these words: "I want all you bona fidey punks out there to cover your ears for this one, just in case it gets through to you that I'm singin' about Jesus right here and now"

After all this time/
To believe in Jesus/
After all those drugs/
I thought I was Him/
After all my lying/
And a-crying/
And my suffering/
I ain't good enough/
I ain't clean enough/
To be Him

For most of my readers this needs a little Catholic tint. So, let's turn to Balthasar, who I am currently engrossed in re-reading:
For the fact that we are children of God is attested to by the Spirit in us only at the same time that he shows us the condition from which we have come: we have been delivered from slavery to sin and to the devil, from a state of decay induced by a world which is itself decayed, a world out of which (and this is the evident thing!) we could never have delivered ourselves (Glory of the Lord, Vol. I, Seeing the Form, pg. 231)
His Mercy bids me, come as you are. Jesus, I trust in You.

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