Saturday, January 24, 2009


Please don't miss Deacon Greg Kandra's article on blogging in America, which I subscribe to and read, despite not always agreeing with their editorial positions, as recently with terrorism. His article is A Virtual Church: Give us this day our daily blog....

I have posted several items on blogging and, like most bloggers, I have a tortured relationship with my efforts. Suffice it to say, my blog is not for the faint of heart or even the mildly curious. I am nothing if not passionate. Writing publicly brings clarity because I feel a responsibility to be both accurate and honest. So, blogging does not allow me the luxury of the lazy opinion on important matters, as with our bailout/stimulus plans. It is no secret, to use an example, that I really wanted to believe and vote for Pres. Obama last summer and into the early fall. In the end, reason and conscience forbade me from doing so. Even after less than a week of him being in office, I am glad I did not. I need to add that I do not pretend that a President McCain would've been a lot better and the prospect of a VP Palin is still something that makes me shudder.

I still do not use a site meter, nor will I ever on this blog. In the interest of full disclosure, we do use a blogpatrol site meter for The People of St. Mary Magdalene blog, which is a parish effort that is withering on the vine, like a lot of good ideas. As useful as I find blogging and as many people as I have gotten to know, many of whom I have actually met in person, church cannot ever be exclusively virtual, it must be real, even constitutive of reality.

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