Saturday, June 13, 2015

Notre Dame Center for Liturgy 2015 Symposium

Apart from live-blogging the keynote addresses and panel discussions on Facebook, which was a lot, I didn't post anything here from my participation in this week's Notre Dame Center for Liturgy's Symposium. Among the many wonderful experiences packed into three and-a-half days, was the privilege of serving at the altar during the Symposium's Mass, which we celebrated in the university's Basilica of the Sacred Heart. I assisted the main celebrant, Fr Michael Wurtz, CSC. Courtesy of one of the Symposium's other participants, Michael Bayer, here is a photo of that event:

I am on the far left of the photograph, to Fr Michael's right. Later that evening, I was able to enjoy drinks and fellowship with Fr Michael at Dr Patrick Deneen's house, where, with great humility and in a fraternal spirit, I poured some water into his Laphoraig. Fr Michael and I also had a fairly in-depth discussion on deacons in parish life. It is a good and important that we have places where these conversations can occur and that they do occur.

Below is a picture of those of us who gathered a bit early for Morning Prayer on Tuesday morning in the Duncan Hall chapel. Michael also took this picture. I am at the back on the right in the light blue shirt.

Finally, a photo taken by the Notre Center for Liturgy Director, Dr Tim O'Malley, during the first day of the two-day Seminar I led, "The Deacon in the Life of the Church."

What can I really say apart from "What a great experience both in and outside the classroom and lecture hall"?

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