Apart from what you can read on my profile, it's important to note that I am a Catholic convert. I was raised as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I come from mostly Mormon pioneer stock. I served a full-time Mormon mission from 1985-1987 in the New Mexico Albuquerque mission. I was baptized, confirmed, and received into full communion with Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil in 1990. I was 24 at the time.

I married my lovely wife in 1993 and 11 months later she gave birth to our first child, a son. In 2011 she gave birth to our youngest child, also a son (with two daughters and two more sons in between). I'll be honest, I often find life very challenging. Too often I let it get the better of me. I am not perfect, my marriage is not perfect, and our family is not perfect. I don't shy away from this in my writing. In other words, I have no desire to present a false image. I certainly give God plenty of material with which to work! I can say I love my wife, I love my children, I love those I am called and privileged to serve. All of these things God uses to conform me into the image of Christ. By God's unfailing grace, I think I am doing pretty well so far, often despite myself.

You can read some of the relevant issues in my conversion here. Lest you think my conversion was all doctrinal, dogmatic, disintegration (I needed to alliterate), here's a piece that briefly mentions another aspect of what happened (and continues to happen) to me.

I am originally from Ogden, Utah and still live in northern Utah with my family.

Year B Third Sunday of Easter

Readings: Acts 3:13-15.17-19; Ps 4:2.4.7-9; 1 John 2:1-5a; Luke 24:25-48 “You are witnesses of these things,” Jesus tells his incredulous...