Friday, January 4, 2013

"If there's a burning in your heart" (not heartburn)

Here we are, the first Friday of 2013. As it turns out, this year it is the Friday before the Solemnity of Epiphany, which we Roman Catholics in the U.S. (oddly) celebrate on Sunday, instead of which ever day of the week 7 January happens to fall on, but that's a whole different issue and one that is well-hashed over each and every year.

Immaculate Heart of Mary- pierced and crowned

For those few who read Καθολικός διάκονος on a consistent basis, you know that I like to make connections and stick with themes and ideas, lest my blog just become a vehicle for random, unconnected, one-off throw away posts. So, since, by means of a beautiful poem, composed by my lovely friend Stefania, for New Year's, I mentioned "heart" in my post for New Year's Day, my mind turned to a song by Death Cab for Cutie: "You Are a Tourist," which is a song I find very moving.

Cause when you find yourself the villain
In the story you have written
It's plain to see
That sometimes the best intentions
Are in need of redemption
Would you agree?
If so please show me

There is a lot in this simple song to consider. I was also struck the day after New Year by something written and posted by Paul Tripp on his ministry's blog about making and keeping our New Year's Resolutions:
The little moments of life are profoundly important precisely because they're the little moments that we live in and that form us. This is where I think "Big Drama Christianity" gets us into trouble. It can cause us to devalue the significance of the little moments of life and the 'small-change' grace that meets us there. And because we devalue the little moments where we live, we don't tend to notice the sin that gets exposed there. We fail to seek the grace that is offered to us.

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