Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Love is the only reason

Thanks to Nick at Nite, I am realizing again what a really incredible show Malcolm in the Middle is/was, especially as a husband and father of five. Last night they aired the episode where Lois thinks she is pregnant again, which causes them to panic, fight, blame, accuse, and then reconcile by recalling when Lois was pregnant with Dewey, their fourth son. At the beginning of her labor, which comes in the middle of chaos, in a rain storm in their backyard, after they are forced to run from their house, due to a chemistry experiment gone bad, Lois makes Hal give her seven reasons why he loves her, seven reasons that make it all worth it:

"Lois: Okay, here's what we're gonna do. You're gonna tell me three, no five, no seven! I want you to tell me seven things you love about me, seven reasons why this is all worthwhile, seven reasons why we're still here.
Hal: Seven?
Lois: Seven. And I have to believe every one of them and you have to say them all right now.
Hal: Seven?!
Lois: Oh, just please, Hal, just do it....
Hal: Oh, okay, okay, okay.... I... I... I love how your neck smells in the morning.
Lois: Okay, that's one.
Hal: I... I love how every one of your toes looks like it came from another person's foot.
Lois: Oh, oh...
Hal: And, and, and, I love how... how you're honest and... and fearless and... and how when I'm sick you treat me like a baby.
Lois: Okay, that last one counts for two. You've got three more to go. I can tell you that I just adore the... the way your forehead gets all crinkly when you're worried.
Hal: And I love the way you cut your crusts off your toast even though you end up eating both anyway.
Lois: I love your loyalty and your kindness and that you still suck in your gut whenever I walk into the room.
Hal: I love how you didn't dump me when you found out that I was in love with you.
Lois: I love that you still married me even after you met my parents!
Hal: And I love that nothing in my life, not cribbage with my dad, not a new Van Halen album, not even an old Van Halen album for that matter, or any of their solo albums...
Lois: Hal. Hal!
Hal: I love that nothing in my life is complete until I've shared it with you.

Hal: I love how you send the boys to their room just so we can have some alone time.
Lois: I just love you."

Wow! That knocks my socks off because it speaks to my life! I don't mind admitting that I was choked up the first time I watched it and while watching it again last night. After all, isn't love the reason there something rather than nothing? Love is certainly what makes the fear, uncertainty, and chaos of raising children worthwhile, what makes it a joy, what turns life's uncertainties into a celebration, a wonderful and awesome adventure!

Veni Sancti Spiritus, veni per Mariam.


  1. What a great post Scott! Thanks for this.

    We like that show too!

  2. I like Malcolm in the Middle a lot. Karen liked it when it came out but now not so much...


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